About us

Who we are?

To keep it simple: Root Agency is your dedicated marketing, design & webdevelopment team. Our focus lies on making those 3 pillars work together seamlessly, with minimal time investment from our clients.

A positive impact on your business

What we love the most? Making a positive impact for small to medium sized businesses & startups by generating leads, creating beautiful designs and making their websites run as smoothly as possible.

Experienced team

Over the past 6 years we’ve been able to work with both national & international companies. Both remote as a dedicated marketing team, as well as on-site as consultants.

What we’re most proud of? Rolling out strategies that deliver instant results. No months wasted with long intakes and strategy sessions. Together we set goals, create a lean strategy and launch it! From the first month onwards we optimize and build out your digital marketing machine based on facts and gathered data.

We love these industries

We feel at home in the real estate, pharmaceutical, medical, industrial, hospitality, professional services and higher education industries. (But luckily there’s also beer, wine, and chocolate on our client menu).

Whether you’re a small to medium sized business or a startup, we’d love to get to know you! Together we can create either targeted, budget friendly campaigns or full fledged digital marketing systems & custom websites that will blow away your competition.

Root Agency has even had the pleasure of guiding multiple companies going public with their branding, marketing and web development.

Meet the team

Jonas Adriaensens

Graphic designer


Bjorn Engels

Digital marketer


Raphaël Horvat

Digital marketer

Alan Louette


Ruben Goffin

Video & photography



Chief Happiness officer