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Web design, web development, security and support for biotech startups & established biotech companies within biotechnology on the stock market

Biotech websites since our humble beginnings

Ever since Root Agency was founded in 2016, we have been working for various biotech, pharma and medical companies to get their story out into the world. Whether the focus is on patients, investors or finding new team members: you can count on us!

For Biotech companies:

Biotech websites and their stakeholders

A Biotech website is far from static. On the contrary: a website is alive and always growing. That growth process involves multiple parties, each with different interests, wants and needs. As web development & support agency, Root Agency is used to supporting all these departments and translating their interests into an outstanding website.

Marketing & PR

The world of marketing & PR is moving fast, especially in an industry like biotechnology. 

Our webdevelopers work closely with your team, or outside experts, to make press releases and content updates to be as smooth as possible.

Our goal: to completely unburden you from the moment that new press release is ready to launch.

For our Biotech customers, we provide support packages with extra fast response time. This way you are always assured of meeting your deadlines. Even in the case of last-minute news and updates.


The ideal candidates for that new career opportunity, they may already be on your website without you realizing. To support HR departments, we provide Biotech websites with a customized job posting module.

We make it easy for your future team members to find the suitable career opportunity for them on your website.

In addition, we make the job pages easily shareable on social media. Simply copy the job posting link and the correct title, description and image will automatically appear on the newsfeed.

We understand that sometimes things have to move quickly within HR. Therefore, we make sure that adding jobs can be done quickly in the predetermined layout. Give us a heads-up and we’ll update your Biotech website’s jobs page in no time.


As an IT director, you too have interests in your Biotech company’s corporate website. After all, you want to know that everything is tightly secured, the performance of the website is fast and that the mail server is doing its job as expected.

As a biotech web development agency, we work closely with IT directors and managers to set up and maintain infrastructure to specific requirements and needs.

In addition to website development and management, we also offer support services such as DNS management.

Biotech Web Design

As a Biotech startup, or an established presence on the stock market, you want the right look and image. A template-based website does not at all fit the upscale look your business deserves.

Root Agency specializes in creating custom website designs. We start from a completely blank canvas. Tell us your story, who your target audience is and what your ambitions are and our designers will transform the blank canvas into your future website.

We deliver our Biotech Web designs in Adobe XD. This allows you to experience the design as if it were already a real website. In your browser, you navigate through the design and provide feedback so that we can finalize the fine details to your liking.

Biotech Web Development

Our web developers transform your Biotech company’s custom web design into a technical masterpiece.

While building the website, we give the utmost care towards performance, search engine optimization and usability.

For mobile website visitors, we go the extra mile by converting your beautiful graphics into responsive web element.
A good example of this are pipeline graphics. On desktop, and sometimes tablet, your pipeline graphic is going to be easy to read and will undoubtly look great. But on mobile, things often go wrong with images that hold lots of content. That’s why we use your pipeline graphic as the basis for a custom web element that scales with your visitors’ devices.

Biotech Animations

A picture says more than 1,000 words. And an animation holds a lot of images. Let our team of animation experts animate your story to convince patients, investors and other stakeholders of your biotechnology.

We already created logo animations for our biotech clients, as well as full 3D animations that made it to the screens of the Nasdaq in Times Square.

Biotech Web Security

IT security is a hot topic. More and more often we read in the news that even governments were victims of hackers. SME websites, and especially Biotech companies, are also targeted by hackers to steal sensitive data, or use your server for malicious purposes.

An example: one of our Biotech clients recently went public on the NASDAQ. Within the 10 minutes there were already 8000+ attempts to break into their website. This rate of hacking attempts often is a regular occurence, day in and out. A pattern we see on several websites.

To prevent hackers from breaking into your Biotech website, we apply several security practices. From strict passwords, Multi-factor authentication and access management to shielding the admin panel behind IP whitelists. In addition, we apply numerous security measures specifically for web servers & WordPress websites (which we’re not going to throw out in the open, for obvious reasons 😉 )
In short: We take security very seriously.

We are therefore proud to announce that in the 6+ years we have been in business, not a single one of our clients’ websites has been hacked.

Biotech Web Support

Content changes that can’t wait need to be made to your website? A press release that may only be forwarded last minute due to confidentiality? We understand perfectly well what you mean.

At Root Agency, we understand best that not everything can be scheduled long in advance. Especially in the exciting world of Biotech where good, or bad, news can emerge from the smallest corner.

That’s why we offer Biotech companies unique support by, among other things, always being on standby. It’s like having a development team in-house fully engaged with your business at a fraction of the cost.

Our support and periodic maintenance go hand-in-hand. Behind the scenes, we keep your biotech updated on a weekly basis and whenever a certain piece of software urgently requires an update. We are always up to date with the latest software versions on your hosting, as well as the software that makes up your website. All of these updates are done on a separate test server. This way, your biotech website stays online at all times, even while updating.

Some of our Biotech projects