Hosting & Website Maintenance

Rely on a dedicated team of professionals to keep your website fast, up-to-date and secure

A smoothly running website without worries

The days of static websites are long gone. These days most websites rely on a Content Management System, like WordPress or Drupal, to run and be managed.

These CMS and their plugins require regular updates. The longer a website runs without these updates, the slower it becomes and the greater the risk of hackers gaining access. That’s something that we of course like to avoid.

By relying on a team of experts to keep your website up-to-date and secure you avoid these worries.

Their website is already in good hands, how about yours?

Our hosting & maintenance packages

SLA – Custom Hosting

Custom pricing only

  • UDomain names of your choice
  • Super fast hosting on SSD's
  • Unlimited e-mail addresses
  • Weekly maintenance
  • Priority support on all requests
  • Fixed amount of reserved hours

Recommended for

High demanding websites and businesses who need a dedicated IT team & lightning fast response times

Ultimate Hosting


  • UDomain name of your choice
  • Super fast hosting on SSD's
  • Up to 750 e-mail addresses
  • Weekly maintenance
  • 1-on-1 direct support
  • 2 hours included monthly for extra work

Recommended for

Business critical websites or webshops that require frequent upkeep & content/graphical updates on a regular basis

Pro Hosting


  • UDomain name of your choice
  • Fast hosting on SSD's
  • Up to 5 e-mail addresses
  • Monthly maintenance
  • 1-on-1 direct support
  • Extra work on hourly basis

Recommended for

An all-in-one hosting package to keep your business website up-to-date, secure & running smoothly

Every hosting package also comes with

  • Daily Backups
  • Backup rention of 14 - 30 days
  • Database cleanup service
  • Real-time updating firewall
  • GDPR compliance tools & monitoring for new cookies

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I pay more for your packages then at other hosting companies?

Because we do a lot more for you than just hosting your website. If you go with a different hosting company they will set you up a dashboard, but the rest is up to you.

Getting a hosting package with Root Agency will save you lots of headaches. We will set up everything for you: hosting, security, monitoring, … On top we will update your website on a monthly or weekly basis to keep it running smoothly. These updates happen on a copy of your website first so we are 100% sure that nothing breaks due to an update.

A hosting package from Root Agency is an investment in your business. Saving you time, headaches and stress in managing your website.

Which hosting package is the right one for me?

Most of our clients are on the “Pro hosting” package.

If your website requires more powerful servers or upkeep we will proactively let you know.

Not sure which hosting package is the best for your website? Feel free to contact us for personalised advice.