Barbecuechef – Doubled monthly quote requests and 46% lower cost per lead

Lead generation through Google Ads for a barbecue caterer

Client: Barbecuechef
Industry: Food & Drinks

The Client

Jan and Tom noticed that there were few caterers active in Flanders that offered barbecue on a culinary level. Shortly after Barbecuechef was born.

Barbecuechef provided culinary barbecue experiences at parties of both individuals and companies. Their angle: offer quality products to high-end customers. Several barbecue teams provided parties all over Flanders in this way.

The Challenge

Jan from Barbecuechef was looking for more leads through his website. At the time, he was already working with a specialized Google Ads agency. Still, he believed there were more results to be had from his Google Ads campaigns. So he scheduled a meeting with Root Agency.

Our Solution

Website optimization via heatmaps and Google Analytics

The start shot was given. We were allowed to take over Barbecuechef’s Google Ads account. Before we took it in hand, we optimized the website.

With a thorough analysis of the Google Analytics account, heatmaps and screen shots, we found a number of areas for improvement on the website. We adjusted the structure of the website and some pages. Both the user experience and SEO of the website benefited.

Optimize Google Ads

After we took care of the website, it was the Google Ads account’s turn. We split large, generic ad groups into more specific ad groups. By grouping specific keywords together, we increased the relevance and quality score of the ads. As a result, costs dropped, clickthrough rates increased and the number of leads doubled.

Since the major optimization of Barbecuechef’s Google Ads account, we have been doing 2-weekly maintenance on all ad groups. We analyze all data, add additional exclusion keywords and adjust ad groups according to seasonal activity.

The Result

The results of our website modifications and optimizations to the Google Ads campaigns exceeded all expectations:

  • We noticed aecrease in cost per quote from €11.18 to €6.07 in 4 months (46%!)
  • Conversion rate of 6.35% for all website visitors
  • Monthly quote requests more than doubled within the same budget

In the words of Jan, “I get positive panic attacks from the Google Ads campaign.”

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