Cuisi-Bathroom – 380 local leads in 3 months

An interactive calculator generating 380 leads with conversion rate of 15%

Client: Cuisi-Bathroom
Industry: Home & Living

The Client

Cuisi-Bathroom guarantees top quality at an affordable price for bathroom and kitchen. They are a local company near Hoegaarden in Belgium.

The Challenge

The Cuisi-Bathroom team wanted their website to generate more leads. But they didn’t wanted to do this via the classic channels like Google Ads. Thus, we needed something to stand out from the competition.

Our Solution

Together with the Cuisi-Bathroom team we created an interactive calculator in 2 languages. Using this calculator clients can get an idea of how much their bathroom or kitchen renovation would cost. To increase usability we made sure the calculator works both on desktop and mobile phones.

To launch the calculator Root Agency created a local Facebook campaign. With a combination of carousels and before & after pictures we pushed Facebook users to visit the Cuisi-Bathroom website.

The Result

It’s safe to say the calculator & local Facebook campaigns were a great success! Leads started rolling in from day one. Below is a short summary of the results:

✅ 380 leads in 3 months time

✅ €1,56 cost per lead

✅ 15,19% conversion rate on the landing page

✅ a 343,45% increase in website visits with a 26,12% decrease in bounce rate

Visit their website: