Den Venetiaen

Village pub with southern terrace and perfectly poured beers

Klant: Den Venetiaen
Sector: Food & Drinks
Wat we deden Branding | Graphic Design

Den Venetiaen is more than a village pub. It is arguably one of the best cafes in the wider area.

At the helm are Toets and Dirk, who have made their business – and Hoegaard’s Gemeenteplein by extension – a regular meeting place.
Immensely popular with Hoegaardians, but also with people from far outside Hoegaarden.
Not only for their delicious beers, but also thanks to the events they organise throughout the year.
There will be Plèkmusic, Café Dansant, Klinken! on New Year, performances, lectures, theatre, …

The place to be if you’re near Hoegaarden.

For all their graphic interventions (posters, banners, print, online), Toets and Dirk can count on Root.


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