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Klant: Kayzr
Sector: Gaming
Wat we deden Branding | Graphic Design

In 2016, back then under the name of BeSports went for a rebranding as Kayzr. A challenge we were more than happy to accept.

After a short, powerful briefing, we felt immediately in the gaming atmosphere and ready to step into the arena. You can guess where we got our inspiration for the rebranding. Roman gladiators seemed like the ideal starting point for a competitive e-sports platform. And that turned out to be true. Without too many injuries, and after only 1 round of corrections, everyone was convinced of the rebranding.

The rebranding to Kayzr, along with the logo redesign and our work on the achievement badges, gave a huge boost to the social network. In only two months, the platform grew from 3,000 people following each other to 20,000. That soon layed the foundation for a monthly growth rate of 10%, and a total of more than 1,000,000 website visits per month.

Bezoek hun website: https://kayzr.com/