Client: Ezeldijk
Industry: Real Estate

The Client

Ezeldijk is a real estate project in Diest by Ciril. The entire project consists of 5 separate buildings, combining different types of apartments and houses. Surrounded by green and right by the Demer river in Diest, yet close to the city center.
Ezeldijk is an interesting investment opportunity thanks to its medieval charm, trendy boutiques and restaurants. Diest also has an easy connection to cities like Leuven, Hasselt, Brussels and Antwerp.

Logo Ezeldijk

The Challenge

In the first place Ezeldijk had to become known by everyone in and around Diest. The ultimate end goal was to generate as many quality leads as possible in order to sell the entire real estate project quickly.

Ezeldijk was already somewhat known in the region, but the entire site consisted of several buildings and phases. When we got in touch with Ciril for Ezeldijk, four more phases were on the roadmap. Each phase had its own identity, charm and target audience, which would give the site even more diversity.

Our Solution

Through digital marketing and online advertising, we reinforced the existing communication around the project and its launch event.

The 3 main objectives within the campaigns were creating brand awareness, stimulating registrations for the launch event and generating leads.

The ideal target groups for this project were investors, couples and senior citizens in and around Diest. 

The ultimate goal was to generate leads to sell the apartments and houses. We tracked marketing qualified leads in the form of newsletter subscriptions, brochure downloads via the website, brochure requests via lead forms on facebook and engagement on social media. Sales qualified leads were tracked in the form of contact requests via contact forms on the website, contact requests via direct email, contact requests via phone, lead forms via remarketing ads and registrations for the launch event.

The Result

Our efforts were diversified over website traffic, registrations for the launch event and engagement on social media posts. We also made sure that Ezeldijk was at the top of Google for everyone in and around Diest looking for a new place to live. Using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads and the project website, we generated the necessary leads to sell the 5 buildings of this real estate project.

✅ 1800+ Sales Qualified Leads
✅ 1500+ Marketing Qualified Leads

Visit their website: https://www.ezeldijk.be/