Montis Biosciences

Sector: Pharma & Biotech
Wat we deden Branding | Graphic Design

A New player in the biotechnology and therapeutics industry.

Montis Biosciences’ mission is to therapeutically exploit the cellular interaction between perivascular macrophages and tumor blood vessels to promote and sustain immune responses against solid tumors.

Montis Biosciences was founded in 2019, on the basis of fundamental research in the laboratories of Prof. Peter Carmeliet and Massimiliano Mazzone (VIB-KU Leuven) and is supported by an international consortium of investors.

They had a vision to improve the world. It was up to us to bring it into the spotlight:

We created a new logo from scratch, provided them with a fresh and appropriate branding and developed a one pager website. A stylish but uncluttered website with a big focus on Montis’ founders and the official press release, and powerful branding that would make the ‘Montis’ brand spark attention on the big map of the pharma world.

To top it off it was important that the Montis Biosciences team could further manage the website themselves after the handover. A lot to do and a strict deadline.

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