Democo Group – Domain Name & Hosting Migration

Migrating domain names & hosting packages from different platforms into Combell without downtime

Client: Democo Group
Industry: Real Estate
What we did: Webdevelopment

The Client

Democo Group is a cluster of 7 vertically integrated companies with all the necessary knowledge and expertise on board to develop, build, finish and maintain building projects from A to Z. In 40 years’ time they have developed themselves into a genuine reference in the Belgian market. Even expanding into the Portugese and Polish markets.

The Challenge

The Democo Group constantly works on improving security inside of the organisation. The IT team constantly created awareness with employees about phishing and other malicious practices. All while running a

In 2020 they wanted to improve their web security. Over the years multiple departments bought domain names and made deals for webhosting. As there was no dedicated person that managed web hosting, domain names and web security all of these items were spread out over multiple platforms. And no one person was up-to-date about all the different domain names the organisation had acquired. Something the IT team wanted to change ASAP, with minimal to no downtime for the different business units.

Our Solution

Together with the IT team we created a complete inventory of every domain name, DNS settings, active hosting packages and also which parties had access to every item on this list.

We first deleted or ended subscriptions for domain names & hosting that were no longer necessary. Secondly we pulled in any domain names that were still registered by external parties like agencies. And lastly we centralised every domain name and hosting package in Combell. Migrating any websites that were hosted elsewhere with no downtime.

The Result

Today all domain names and hosting packages are managed from within one Combell dashboard. User accounts inside this Combell dashboard which (external) party gets access to only the settings they need to access. Thus resulting into easier IT management, less administrative work and much improved security.

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