Bierolade – 840 webshop orders in the first year

A complete branding & multilingual webshop that generated 840 orders in the first year and professional leads for event services

Client: Bierolade
Industry: Food & Drinks

The Client

Bierolade is a unique concept in which Werner Callebaut has people experience the secrets of beer and/or chocolate through fun workshops, beer tasting walks, lectures, …
Bierolade organizes interesting and pleasant tastings for everyone : nice team buildings and innovative events for companies, as well small as large groups, surprising workshops for clubs and associations, cosy family workshops, fun bachelor parties, …
During 2020 the focus moved to online teambuildings in the form of beer & chocolate tastings.

Werner Callebaut Bierolade

The Challenge

Bierolade is, and remains, one of our first ever clients. Since the beginning we have created the branding, graphic design and websites for Bierolade. All three of those growing alongside Root Agency itself. Throughout the years the branding was revised, and the website grew from a simple onepager to an SEO optimised business website in 3 languages (Dutch, English & French).

During 2020 team buildings and events moved to the online world, and Bierolade had to pivot to keep up with this trend. That’s why Werner decided to start offering beer & chocolate tastings to professional clients int he form of team buildings. To support this he needed help in selecting the right technologies to support his online sessions. As well as a way to have clients order their beer & chocolate packages to taste at home.

Our Solution

Our idea to help manage these orders was to expand the current Bierolade website into a webshop. That way Werner would have a central location to manage orders & products and accept payments.
Adding a webshop to the Bierolade website was a relatively smooth process, as the website is built in WordPress. We helped Werner by adding the webshop, making it work in his multilingual website setup and by guiding him on the managing process.

The Result

With over 840 orders in the first year the addition of a webshop was a great success! Bierolade gave dozens of online team building events, with participants ordering their personal beer & chocolate tasting boxes online. A win-win situation for everyone. Clients had an easy way to order, and Werner saved countless hours on administration by processing orders, payments & shipping through the webshop and the connected vendors.

Today the website also still functions as Werner’s SEO optimised business website. Bringing in professional clients through SEO optimised pages that appear high in Google, and converting them through various contact forms, booking forms & PDF downloads.

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