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IT superheroes

Sector: IT & Security
Wat we deden Branding | Graphic Design

Kurt from I&O called us to ask how they could turn the vague term ‘IT’ into something playful and appealing. An idea that quickly came up was to make an animated film explaining what I&O stood for and what they did. The core idea was that I&O developed software that could automate tasks performed by different staff members of a company.

Before an animated film could be made, there had to be a storyboard, but even earlier: a protagonist. Kurt soon knew where he wanted to go. A superhero, but with a high cuddliness factor. We started researching all kinds of superheroes and sketched some designs. Thus, not much later, the I&O bot was born. He will later star in I&O’s animated films. We made several storyboards, the last of which also appeared in Trends magazine.

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