Luminus Solutions – A website in 3 languages for an energy company

A business website in 3 languages that can be easily managed by the marketing team

Client: Luminus
Industry: Industrial & Manufacturing
What we did: Webdesign | Webdevelopment

The Client

The Luminus Solutions we know today is a merger of Luminus Solutions and VMI Engineering & Contracting (Vanparijs Engineers), joined forces and continued as one strong brand. They combined 25 years of expertise in CHP and uninterrupted power with innovative energy solutions for buildings and industry.
Their mission: Save, protect and manage your energy.

The Challenge

When Luminus Solutions & Vanparijs Engineers approached us the merger was already on it’s way. At that point both companies already had their own websites. Vanparijs Engineers had a proper website, while Luminus Solutions was incorporated into the corporate Luminus website.

However, they needed a central location to publish news as soon as both companies merged, so we had to move quickly.

Our Solution

As both companies were already merging into “Luminus Solutions” the first thing we did was set up a one-page website in English, French and Dutch. This one-pager hosted the news articles about the merger, as well as the contact details and links for both companies’ websites.

For the actual business website we decided to build it in WordPress, with translations being powered by WPML. We chose WordPress for Luminus Solutions as it is an easy to manage CMS that allows for many integrations.

The website was custom designed from the ground up using Adobe XD. Instead of static PDFs Luminus Solutions was able to click and navigate through the design like a real website. Thus helping them to better understand the functionality, design and flow.

We then developed their custom design into the actual website, while keeping responsiveness and SEO optimisation in mind. To make managing the website a smooth experience for the Luminus Solutions marketing team we wrote CSS, the design code, for all elements on the website. We then equipped the website with a visual builder, making it easy for the marketing team to change layouts of pages and add new elements. For the news and projects pages we created dynamic templates. The only thing the marketing team needs to do to create these pages is paste their text into predefined fields.

The Result

The Luminus Solutions and Vanparijs Engineers websites are now merged into one website. All with a persistent design, while also allowing flexibility to change main page layouts and ease-of-use in adding news and new projects. With the marketing team having full control over every element available. They’re free to change layouts of website pages, and can easily add news and new realisations.

Keeping the website up-to-date in 3 languages became a streamlined process, especially with the built-in DeepL integration for automatic translations.


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