Reshape Studio – Personal Training Leads for €6,57 per lead

Creating a constant stream of leads for a personal training business using SEO, SEA and Facebook Ads

Client: Reshape Studio
Industry: Fitness & Health

The Client

Reshape Studio, formerly known as Fitphysicz, is a personal training business focused on guaranteed results and a no nonsense approach. It’s the perfect place for the busy career driven person, that finds it hard to find a right balance between their work, family and health. Their team of personal trainers all have their own speciality. Whether you want to lose weight, gain more muscles and strength or need nutritional advice: at Reshape Studio they have the right personal trainer for you.

The Challenge

Sven, the owner of Reshape Studio, created his website himself. While he did a great job on setting up his website himself, the amount of leads generated on a monthly basis were lacking. Knowing that there was a lot more potential left untapped Sven contacted Root Agency for advice on how to improve his website, increase traffic and find other channels for lead generation.

Our Solution

The texts Sven wrote were pleasant to read but lacked one major component: a proper keyword research. So that’s what we did. We did a detailed keyword research for Reshape Studio’s region. We took into account search volume and competition on keywords and updated the website copywriting accordingly. By rewriting the texts, titles and meta descriptions to include these specific keywords, the Reshape Studio website started ranking in the top 3 search results within a matter of weeks.

We then used this keyword research to create a Google Ads campaign. By using SKAG’s (Single Keyword Ad Groups) we created hyper personalised ads for every keyword Reshape Studio was bidding on. By combining both SEO and SEA the Reshape Studio website started bringing in leads on a consistent basis right away, while we waited for the website to reach top positions in search engines for our chosen keywords in the region.

Search results are a great way to get people to convert on your website that are already looking for your service. But locally search traffic is limited. So after optimising the Reshape Studio website and having the Google Ads campaigns up and running we looked into Facebook Campaigns.
We targeted both women and men with different ads focused on goals they might have (weight loss, muscle gain, feeling fitter, being healthier). We A/B tested audience targetings, images, copywriting, titels and different landing pages. In the end we found that Facebook Lead Ad Forms performed the best for Reshape Studio. By offering a free consultation worth €80 we got people to leave their contact information behind, while never leaving the Facebook app.

The Result

Sven, Reshape Studio’s owner, is just like Root Agency: no nonsense and results driven. That’s why our main KPI’s were easy to pick:

  • total amount of leads
  • cost per lead
  • total budget spent

And these are some key results we achieved in the first 6 months:

✅ 169 leads

✅ €6,57 per lead

Visit their website: