Pincho – €4.75 per reservation

More restaurant reservations through Facebook ads

Klant: Pincho Tienen
Sector: Food & Drinks

Running a hospitality business is more than a full-time occupation. If you have to manage your social media on top of that, you will be short on time. You have to come up with ideas, write texts, create images, … Jan from the tapas and pinchos restaurant Pincho in Tienen also knew that. After a good meeting over lunch, we got to work on Pincho’s Facebook ads.

Facebook ads for the hospitality industry

Through smart Facebook ads, we ensure more reservations on an ongoing basis.

Pincho itself only had to provide us with pictures of the restaurant and their dishes. We prepared all the settings and texts of the Facebook ads for Pincho. On a regular basis, we analyse Facebook ads and optimise them when necessary.

To ensure we reach full potential with Facebook, we do remarketing. We do this by reengaging website visitors and people who have interacted with Pincho’s Facebook page through targeted, promoted posts.

Another advantage of Facebook ads in the hospitality industry: message longevity. Whereas a post you post yourself on your page completely disappears after a day (or 2 if you are lucky), an ad can last for a longer time. In addition, all the results are measurable: how many people saw the ad? How many people clicked on the ad? Most importantly, how many reservations did the Facebook campaign get you?

Seasonal promotions on social media

Besides the regular Facebook ads that drive reservations throughout the year, we brainstorm with Jan on fun promotions to attract people to Pincho. When your head is full of the day-to-day obligations of running a catering business, having an extra pair of heads like this comes in handy to come up with fresh ideas.

The Results For Pincho

  • Minder kopzorgen in het beheer van de Facebookpagina
  • Reservaties via Facebookadvertenties voor €4,75/reservatie (je leest het goed: dat is per reservatie! Niet per klant)
  • Een extra paar hoofden die mee brainstormen over acties in het restaurant
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