Arkite – 2000+ niche B2B leads for a promising scale-up

Up to 170 niche B2B leads per month thanks to a new digital marketing strategy using LinkedIn Ads, marketing automation & smart CRM integrations

Client: Arkite
Industry: Industrial & Manufacturing

The Client

Arkite, a Genk (Belgium) based scale-up, ensures that operators in production make fewer mistakes thanks to ‘Human Interface Mate’ (HIM), a 3D sensor that monitors actions. The HIM system guarantees that the operator correctly performs all steps of a standard procedure. If an operator does not do something or does it differently, a message is immediately sent.

The Challenge

Arkite has a very technical product requiring a detailed explanation. They often visited company fairs across Europe to meet with potential clients. This being their main stream of leads. But then in 2020 COVID hit, putting massive restrictions on international travel and company fairs. The Arkite marketing team had to move quick to adapt to this situation.

Up until this point Arkite had a website in one language and occasionally posted messages on their social media. Actively generating leads via their online channels was still new territory. Together with their marketing team we had to come up with a strategy and deploy it very quickly.

Our Solution

The goal of the Arkite team was twofold: generating more leads for sales & gaining in-house knowledge about digital marketing. To achieve both goals Root Agency became part of the Arkite team, instead of acting like a regular external agency. We spent 2 half days a week for a year working closely with the marketing team. This of course helped speed up the launch fase of our campaigns.

The main driver in Arkite’s approach are LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads. We combine high intent search keywords with direct messaging campaigns on LinkedIn. Sending highly relevant messages to a narrowly defined niche audience. These type of ‘Conversation Ads’ have a much higher visibility and Clickthrough Rate than the average post appearing in the newsfeed.

As Arkite targets the entire European market, each country with their own culture and way of communicating, we translated that into the marketing strategy. We translated every LinkedIn Ad to the native language of the target audience. A/B tests proved that communicating in a person’s native language had a massive impact on the amount of leads and the conversion rate.

A lead on LinkedIn is still just a lead on LinkedIn, stuck in some Excel file hidden behind a download button. A LinkedIn lead needs the right automations and integrations to end up in the CRM. For each and every lead form we set up these automations. Every new lead gets added to the CRM automatically, launching an email flow and notifying the assigned account manager. For leads already in the CRM a note gets added about their recent conversion and the account manager gets notified to follow-up this lead again.

After giving the Arkite website a refresh we decided to go multilingual. Seeing as Arkite targets the entire European market we didn’t just add 2 or 3 languages. In total we added 7 languages to the Arkite website. Translating all the website content was made possible with the help of a built-in translation engine. This translation engine saves earlier translated words & phrases, speeding up the translation process down the line.

The Result

Today the Arkite sales team receives a healthy dose of leads every day across Europe. Thanks to the great message-market-fit we created an evergreen campaign. Only needing small tweaks from time-to-time to keep reeling in those quality leads.

To summarise here are some results we’re very proud of:
✅ A constant stream of leads up to 170/month across Europe
✅ Over 838.000 impressions with Arkite’s niche target audience since the start
✅ A renewed website in 7 languages
✅ Integrations into the CRM making it easier for the sales team to follow-up new and existing leads that reconvert

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