Hendrik 1

Client: Hendrik 1
Industry: Real Estate

The Client

Hendrik 1 is a real estate project in Vilvoorde by Ciril. 100 flats spread over 3 buildings around a green park, that’s Hendrik I. The studios and flats – ranging from 1-, 2- to 3-bedroom flats – have different surface areas. By consciously opting for thorough insulation, good airtightness, low-temperature heating and balanced ventilation, Hendrik I scores better than current energy standards in terms of energy. This not only guarantees a low energy bill, but also a high resale value. Thanks to this variety, Ciril offers attractive housing solutions for senior citizens, young starters, two-income couples or investors, and at affordable prices.

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The Challenge

Hendrik 1 was already known in the region, but the entire site consisted of several buildings and phases. Ciril called us in for assistance with phase 4 and 5 of the Hendrik 1 project. The ultimate end goal was to generate as many quality leads as possible in order to sell the entire real estate project quickly.

Our Solution

Through digital marketing and online advertising, we reinforced the existing communication around the project and its launch event.

As Hendrik 1 had been in the running for a while, the real estate project already made its name in and around Vilvoorde. This allowed us to focus 100% on generating as many high quality leads as possible.

The ideal target groups for this project were senior citizens, young starters, two-income couples and investors in and around Vilvoorde. 

We focussed on generating sales qualified leads via Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads and tracked incoming contact form submits on the project website.

Through various methods such as asking additional audit questions, we increased the quality of the leads so the real estate agents could spend their time as efficiently as possible.

The Result

Using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads and the project website, we generated the necessary leads to sell the 2 remaining buildings of this real estate project.

Our efforts were diverse: Using various channels to increase website traffic, keep people in the loop on the progress of the project through various social media posts and ultimately generate more leads. We also made sure that Hendrik 1 was at the top in Google for everyone in and around Vilvoorde looking for a newly built apartment in the region of Vilvoorde.

✅ 1150+ Sales Qualified Leads

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